Youth Hostel

marytwo proudly presents the group exhibition Youth Hostel curated by our dear friend and guest Kathy Battista. The show features new and ongoing works by artists Jamie Diamond (USA), DonChristian Jones (USA), Rachel Libeskind (DE/USA), Kristina Schmidt (DE/USA) and Marika Thunder (USA).

A special thank you to Kathy Battista and all the artists involved 💖

Exhibition text and floor plan
Poster design by Fabian Fretz

Jamie Diamond, DonChristian Jones, Rachel Libeskind, Kristina Schmidt, Marika Thunder

Jamie Diamond
Augusta Family (Germany), 2022
Archival pigment print
98 x 128 cm

Rachel Libeskind
The Traveling Bag, 2022 (2014–ongoing)
Leftovers from the performance, mixed media
Dimensions variable

Rachel Libeskind
The Evening’s Sea, 2022
Scanned and printed collage on wooden stretcher bar, silicone, latex, linen, spray adhesive, super glue, staples
41 × 35 × 4 cm

Kristina Schmidt
Liberty Bell, 2022
Cardboard, sugar, tape, microcontroller, electronics
130 × 129 × 18 cm

Kristina Schmidt
Ushering in Banality Surf Version, 2022
Zügig ist die harmlose Form von schnell, 2022
Snap into an upbeat persona, 2022
Oil on canvas
Each 48 × 33 cm

DonChristian Jones
Factory Ruin, 2022
Video, colour, sound, loop, 9’
Credits: Johane Lapraz as second camera

DonChristian Jones
Temple of Neptune at Paestum, 2022
Port in Sciacca, 2022
Aegean Sea, 2022
Video stills, inkjet prints mounted on aluminium
Each 28.5 × 51 cm

Marika Thunder
Yeshiva Door 5, 2022
Oil and marker on wood panel
76 × 61 cm
All above photographs ©marytwo

Racehel Libeskind
The Traveling Bag, 2022 (2014–ongoing)
Performance duration 13′
All above photos by Sebastian Lendenmann