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13 september, 6:19pm: enjoying the talk between Fanni Fetzer and Walter Pfeiffer at Kunstmuseum Luzern 😍


13 september, 2:15pm: with Klodin Erb and her fellow lecturers from the Luzern University of the Arts 🎓


30 august, 6:09pm: at Bella for the show Bello e Impossibile with works by Simon Fahrni, Selina Lutz and Vinzenz Meyner 🐶


28 august, 7:30pm: at the Anna Göldi Museum for the talk with Silvia Federici 🎙️


26 august, 06:10pm: at Museum im Bellpark for Elvira’s opening 🥂


19 august, 09:15pm: with the stars of the evening Ornella Steiger, Klodin Erb and Vivi Jordi 🤩


19 august, 08:23pm: grateful to everyone for making Klodin Erb’s opening a very special one 💞🥂


08 august, 02:47pm: finished installing the show ⚒️ dream team


06 august, 01:41pm: soooo happy to announce the next exhibition with Klodin Erb 🕚 Poster design by Fabian Fretz! Opens Saturday 19 August, 6pm 🥂



24 july, 10:15am: back and ready for season 2 🩷

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21 july, 08:05pm: coming home! 

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20 july, 07:13pm: at Public Assistants Inc 💞 It was so nice to finally meet Don Christian Jones in person! Check their work in the Youth Hostel group show last year here 💫

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19 july, 02:36pm: in love with this city 🗽

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19 july, 02:15pm: on the roof of the Whitney looking at Dan Graham!

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19 july, 12:15pm: at the Whitney. Love the Jaune Quick-To-See Smith exhibition titled Memory Map 💖

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19 july, 09:14am: starting the day with a yummy NYC bagel 🍳🥯

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18 july, 05:14pm: at Tom’s Restaurant which was part of Seinfeld – our favourite tv series!! 🤩🍽️

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16 july, 04:28pm: sad to leave Short Beach 🧳

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15 july, 01:28pm: happy with the result!
Elvira Bättig & Jack Pryce
The EL1Z4BETH H1RD House 2023
Recycled cardboard, styrofoam, bookbinding glue, vinyl stickers
Contributions by: Kathy Battista, Greg Carpenter, Linda Cummings, Sarah Sorenson
Visit the dummy airbnb profile for more 🔗







14 july, 09:28pm: visiting Sarah Sorenson’s studio in her wonderful home 🤩

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14 july, 12:59pm: island art handling!

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13 july, 03:46pm: happy to see Pati Hill’s work again!! This time at Printed Matter 🖨️ we’re big fans!

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11 july, 11:52am: building a pedestal for the exhibition ⚒️ with help from the lovely Greg Carpenter 💫💖

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marytwo infinity blog

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09 july, 07:19pm: tired 🌧️🥱

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08 july, 06:15pm: just outside NXTHVN looking at Tschabalala Self‘s work at Goffe Street Park 🤩🏀

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07 july, 4:43pm: at the Beinecke Library at Yale designed by the American architect Gordon Bunshaft 🫠

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06 july, 5:18pm: working hard ✂️🏚️

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04 july, 09:00pm: happy to see art supplies selling out 😂

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04 july, 03:21: honoured to meet the wonderful architect Beverly Willis at her home in Short Beach, CT 💞

Beverly Willis marytwo infinity blog

03 july, 02:25pm: going full tourist mode at Dia Beacon 🍵

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03 july, 12:05pm: in love with the beautiful Senga Nengudi show at Dia Beacon 🤩

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01 july, 12:03pm: with our dear friend and brilliant host Kathy Battista reading in the garden 😎

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27 june, 03:51pm: measuring the whole house for one of the works to be part of the exhibition on the island 📏

marytwo residency outer island

27 june, 03:43pm: in love with this work by Elizabeth Hird❣️

26 june, 03:45pm: very happy to be in the 1-month Chez Fifi x Outer Island artist residency. Here are the two places we’ll be working from: Chez Fifi & The Elizabeth Hird House on Outer Island

Chez Fifi

The Elizabeth Hird house on Outer Island

23 june, 10:33pm: checking out the neighbourhood 📷 It’s just like in the movies and Robert Adams photography books (thinking of Summer Nights, Walking) lol

Short Beach, Branford

Short Beach, Branford

23 june, 03:23pm: visiting Signs and Symbols for the group show The Delicate Things That Girls Do featuring incredible work including a text piece by our dear friend Rachel Libeskind that wraps around the bottom walls of the whole show!!! 😍

Rachel Libeskind Signs and Symbols

Rachel Libeskind Signs and Symbols

22 june, 11:56am: at MoMA! Cady Noland Untitled Xerox Cut-Out (Study for Oozewald), 1989 💫

Cady Noland

21 june, 08:12pm: misbehaving at Sotheby’s! 🔨

Jack Pryce Sotheby's

21 june, 04:20pm (NYC time): jet-lagged for the first time!! Arrived in NYC ahead of our 1-month residency in Connecticut on Outer Island hosted by Chez Fifi 🩵

Jack Pryce & Elvira Baettig

17 june, 06:32pm: grateful to everyone who came to the closing of RENTABLE KEIME by Vera Marke. Documentation of the show is online HERE. Time to pack up the show and end season 1: We Have To Start Somewhere 💐



15 june, 04:51pm: standing in front of this beautiful work by Anastasia Pavlou – Hot Wheels Athens, Liste Basel 💯

Anastasia Pavlou Hot Wheels Athens Liste Basel

15 june, 12:43pm: finally re-united with Kristina Schmidt 🥰 We visited some of the art basel fairs together and already miss her dearly 😭

Kristina Schmidt Elvira Baettig Art Basel

12 june, 06:00pm: super happy for Nils Amadeus Lange who picked up a Swiss Arts Award for their performance Index of Desire 💞 Mario Petrucci Espinoza, also a dear friend of marytwo, with the voice of an angel in this image below 💞

Nils Amadeus Lange Swiss Art Awards 

07 june, 07:15pm: at Istituto Svizzero in Rome visiting Klodin Erb and her solo show A different kind of furs 😍 Really enjoyed the talk and book launch 📖

Klodin Erb Istituto Svizzero A different kind of furs

26 may, 12:16pm: hungry. We’re so lucky to have Mirch Masala literally round the corner from marytwo! Tasty Indian restaurant 😋

Mirch Masala Luzern

16 may, 03:31pm: a huge fan of!! Read all about it here and when adding yourselves feel free to add marytwo as a connection 💞

12 may, 12:51pm: in love with these pictures from Partout Partout Collectif’s 4-day residency with marytwo in Beromünster 🏚️📸

06 may, 05:21pm: always going to crack up when wearing these “David Socknees” 🤪

05 may, 09:17pm: grateful to everyone for making Vera Marke’s opening a special one 🥂🧀

05 may, 05:37pm: prepping the appenzeller pear bread for the opening ✅

04 may, 03:26pm: 🚬😎

02 may, 10:41am: installing RENTABLE KEIME with Vera Marke 📏🛠️✏️ Opening this Friday 5 May, 6pm!

28 april, 06:21pm: happy to invite you to the opening of RENTABLE KEIME by Vera Marke this Friday 5 May, 6–9pm!
Fabian Fretz with yet another beautiful poster design 💌

22 april, 05:39pm: in love with these pictures from Olivia & Elena Rast who are currently in the marytwo residency working on new recipes for their cookbook 😋

04 april, 06:25pm: saying hello 😅

30 march, 12:24pm: looking at Patrick Blank 🤩

30 march, 12:23pm: at Museum Bellpark for Bellpark Photomat by Patrick Blank 📸💞

29 march, 04:45pm: at Kunsthaus Glarus for the show Swan Lake by Karen Kilimnik 🤩

29 march, 01:47pm: a big Cady Noland fan. Celebrity Trash Spill  1989

24 march, 08:37pm: happy not to miss out on this beautiful Nan Goldin Benefit Edition! 📦

24 march, 01:21pm: at Kunsthalle Zurich for the show Act Like You Know Me by Pippa Garner 🤩

11 march, 02:36pm: hyped that the Darren Bader Postcard Edition For Provence arrived today 📬 Make sure you order one too!!

10 march, 09:21pm: in love with Mathis Pfäffli’s book!! Thank you for the present 💝

10 march, 07:20pm: grateful to everyone for making the opening of Taurus a special one 💞

10 march, 06:10pm: OPEN 🗝️🥂 

10 march, 5:35pm: almost ready for the opening of Taurus 🏚️ lots of love for the Conditorei Fischer in Beromünster

09 march, 11:15am: in desperate need of their driving licence 🪪

02 march, 08:50am: sooooooo happy to announce the next show opening this Friday 🏚️ Poster design by Fabian Fretz

11 february, 12:20pm: in Herisau visiting Vera Marke. That model looks very familiar… 🤩

10 february, 10:03am: in Beromünster, or as the locals say, “Möischter”. Visiting the archive of local painter, the late Ludwig Suter 🙏

08 february, 12:02pm: visiting Anastasia Pavlou in her studio for the upcoming show Taurus at marytwo 👀

02 february, 02:37pm: excited about co-publishing it’s first publication. Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened is available here. Enjoy 😋

20 january, 11:15am: at Galerie Buchholz for the Isa Genzken exhibition 😍

19 january, 02:15pm: at Neuer Berliner Kunstverein to see the Michel Majerus show!

18 january, 03:13pm: at Rachel Libeskind’s studio in Berlin! Works arrived safely 📦


17 january, 03:49pm: at Haus der Kunst visiting the Joan Jonas exhibition. Volcano Saga, 1985–89, with Tilda Swinton 🙌

17 january, 01:10pm: with Kristina Schmidt in Munich! Thank You soo much for the hospitality Kristina and Beni 💞 works arrived safe and sound 📦

16 january, 09:06am: on route to Munich and Berlin returning works from the Youth Hostel exhibition. Really need to get our driving licence sorted. Deutsche Bahn is not the long-term solution 📦

03 january, 03:21pm: is will spend a long night with friends in that bar very soon 🍻

03 january (2023), 01:48pm: visiting “Three Sites – Daniel Turner” at Kunsthalle Basel.

30 december, 09:46pm: punking out over this Open T-Shirt to Derek Jarman, 1978, by Vivienne Westwood. Miss you both 🙏

17 december, 11:44am: visiting the “Kim Gordon for Design Office Feat. In-House Photography by Josephine Pryde” exhibition at Museum (im) Bellpark.

07 december, 08:45pm: 🤩

07 december, 08:43pm: is wearing this hoodie by Ramon Hungerbühler. Edition of 50 available at marytwo 🛍️

04 december, 05:50pm: super happy all went well 💐

03 december, 03:37pm: ready to tuck in to this yummy “creme schnitte” by our dear friend and very talented cook Amaro 😋

03 december, 02:50pm: 🐌💞🐌

03 december, 02:45pm: arriving 🐌

03 december, 02:34pm: in love!

03 december, 02:30pm: en route 🙌

03 december, 02:17pm: preparing for the walk to marytwo 🐌

03 december, 02:15pm: loving every second of songs for snails, a performance by Nils Amadeus Lange with Dominique Dillon de Byington and Mario Petrucci Espinoza 💞

01 december, 03:26pm: trying to wake Ramon up ⏰

30 november, 04:29am: helping install the show with Ramon Hungerbühler and Laura Breitschmid at Kunstmuseum Luzern ⚒️

29 november, 11:35am: slowly but surely getting there.


25 november, 05:12pm: once again in love with the poster design by Fabian Fretz!

23 november, 08:23pm: assisting Ramon. T-minus 7 days 😋

19 november, 01:53pm: visiting I Never Stopped Loving You by Tracey Emin in Margate 🎡

07 november, 05:14pm: in Venezia 🌊

07 october, 09:02pm: constructing a family portrait.

07 october, 07:27pm: enjoying The Traveling Bag performance by Rachel Libeskind 🧳

06 october, 04:18pm: slowly but surely getting there 🤞

03 october, 7:18pm: excited to finally meet Kristina Schmidt in person. In love with our NYC t-shirts
with her own silk screen prints  💝 Best present!!

02 october, 04:37pm: with Ruth Kottmann and Kathy Battista talking about the guesthouse and all
things Beromünster 🍏

02 october, 10:05am: grateful to FedEx for getting Marika Thunder’s work to Lucerne in one piece
and in time for the Youth Hostel show. 

01 october, 05:17pm: happy our dear friend Kathy Battista arrived safe and sound in Beromünster 🫶🛬

30 september, 01:30pm: in love with the poster design by Fabian Fretz for the upcoming exhibition Youth Hostel 🤩

20 august, 03:21pm: in love with the exhibition text written by BEAU LAI 💖

20 august, 0:19am: enjoying a drink with Billy, Jakob and Josh O’Connor 😂

19 august, 06:48pm: enjoying a great opening with Billy Morgan and friends❣️

10 august, 11:12am: currently in the guest house in Beromünster where Billy Morgan is preparing works for their solo show ℐn 𝒯he 𝒮pirit 𝒪f 𝒯he 𝒫lace at marytwo!

16 july, 10:43am: in love with Kristina Schmidt’s new book 💜💛 Thank You for the gift Kristina!!

18 july, 11:25am: featured in the latest issue of Kunstbulletin 🤩

10 july, 5:21pm: recharging 🪫 on a 5-day stay in Gandria

28 june, 3:43pm: sooooo excited to show new work by Billy Morgan 🤩 opening august 19, 6pm

13 june, 8:47pm: in love with Mount Pilatus!

30 may, 9pm: watching the 4th season of Stranger Things (OOMMGG) 😱

25 may (2022), 8:15am: reading Chroma by Derek Jarman