marytwo is…

august 20, 03:21pm: in love with the exhibition text written by BEAU LAI 💖

august 20, 0:19am: enjoying a drink with Billy, Jakob and Josh O’Connor 😂

august 19, 06:48pm: enjoying a great opening with Billy Morgan and friends❣️

august 10, 11:12am: currently in the guest house/studio in Beromünster where Billy Morgan
is preparing works for their solo show ℐn 𝒯he 𝒮pirit 𝒪f 𝒯he 𝒫lace at marytwo!

july 16, 10:43am: in love with Kristina Schmidt’s new book 💜💛 Thank You for the gift Kristina!!

july 10, 5:21pm: recharging 🪫 on a 5-day stay in Gandria

june 28, 3:43pm: sooooo excited to show new work by Billy Morgan 🤩 opening august 19, 6pm

june 13, 8:47pm: in love with Mount Pilatus!

may 30, 9pm: watching the 4th season of Stranger Things (OOMMGG) 😱

may 25, 8:15am: reading Chroma by Derek Jarman